Below are a selection of comments received from parents who are using the club.  We welcome your views – please feel free to use the “Leave a reply” section at the foot of this page to let us know what you think.

“… the children are happy and obviously enjoy their time at the club – this for me is the key thing, and I would hope that other parents would echo my thoughts.  When you are at work you just want to know that your child is happy and well looked after and I am always satisfied that she is.  I think it’s lovely that the children get to play outside when the weather is good and there is no way that my child would get the chance to play with such a large group of children outside of school. 

 I would like you to pass on my thanks to all of the staff for all their hard work.  They are always extremely professional, engaging and more importantly seem to really care about my child and the other children.  As someone that manages a team of staff, I would encourage them to keep doing the fantastic job that they do …”

“Just to say that as a parent I am more than happy with your provision and the most important thing to me as a mum is that my kids enjoy coming to Roundabout and have great expereinces (and often don’t want to leave!)”

“I just wanted to say that we think Roundabout is absolutely fabulous in every way … The activities & facilities are brilliant, the kids love going & the staff are all so caring & wonderful. What more could anyone want?

We obviously have been using the club for many years & it has been fantastic for both our kids.”

“We think Roundabout provides great opportunities for our child and probably the most important for us is that he mixes and socialises with older children.”