Summer Holidays 2022

Roundabout Club will be open during the following weeks:

Week 2 – W/C 1st August
Week 3 – W/C 8th August
Week 4 – W/C 15th August

Details of activities planned during the holidays are made available prior to the holidays.

Children using the club during the holidays need a packed lunch, which is kept in the club’s fridge.  We ask for NO nuts please due to allergies.

If you have comments/suggestions you can leave written notes with the staff in the club.

Holiday Opening Times:    8.00 am – 5.50 pm

Members £30.00 full day
£20.00 half day (any 5 hours)
Non-Members £37.00 full day
£23.00 half day (any 5 hours)

*If a child remains on the premises after 5.55 pm, parents will be charged the full costs incurred by the club. This will include letting fees charged by the school and staff costs including overtime. This is likely to exceed £50.00.

*New holiday users, with no proven payment record, will need to pay a £50.00 deposit.

Cancellation Charges

Holidays (other than the Christmas Holidays): One full day will be charged if 3 working days (72 hours) notice is not given, excepting illness
Christmas Holidays: Closed

A note about outside toys …

If children are bringing outside toys to Roundabout during the holidays (eg Skateboards, bikes, roller skates, scooters etc.), they must be wearing the necessary safety gear i.e. helmet, arm and knee pads.

A note about toys from home …

If children are bringing toys from home could they please be named, especially D.S games. It is the children’s responsibility to look after their toys.

If your child brings hand-held games consoles to the club, please ensure that the games are age appropriate and are named. Thank you