Every effort will be taken to ensure your child’s safety at The Roundabout Club. For example all equipment and toys have to pass national safety requirements, and a First Aid kit is always available. All our staff are encouraged to take part in First Aid training. However, accidents can happen, so all parents are required to sign a consent form to cover emergency medical treatment. If your child becomes ill or is involved in an accident you will be contacted as soon as possible. As with school we ask that children suffering from sickness must be kept off for 48 hours, after the last bout of sickness.

A Fire Drill will be held each term and all staff will be made aware of the fire procedure and how to act in the event of a fire.

Risk Assessments will be regularly carried out (every 6 months or earlier if required) which will cover everything that a child may come into contact with. Separate risk assessments will be carried out prior to trips and outings.  Risk assessments will also be carried out when there is a change in the normal routine, for example parents evenings at the school etc.

The Senior Playleader carries a cordless phone and can be contacted at anytime when the Club is open. (Tel. 01670 512062). A mobile phone is available for use in emergencies to allow staff to make contact with parents/emergency contacts (Tel.07508 931042). The mobile phone will be switched off at all other times.  The staff have walkie talkies in order to communicate between the outside and inside areas.

The Roundabout Club has a full range of policies and procedures. These are displayed on the Club notice board, and copies are available on request (in different formats if required). These include: safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare, suitable people, organisation, documentation, and suitable premises, environment and equipment.