Members newsletter Sept 2020

October Half Term.
Please note the after careful consideration and discussion with the Committee, it has been agreed that the Club cannot open during October Half Term. We apologise if this causes any members any inconvenience but we are not able to safely adhere to the strict ‘bubbles’ guidance with the number of staff required.

Cancellation Policy.
Please do remember that where possible we need 48 hours notice if you do not require a place at the Club on a particular day or over a period of time. We have a long waiting list for places and we can allocate the spare slot to someone else on the list. If you do not require your place for a set period of time then please get in touch with Linda who can discuss a possible ‘break’ period which can be filled by someone else until the period comes to an end and your place will resume.

Your Roundabout Bill.
To get your Roundabout Club bill to you as safely as possible during the Covid-19 period, we will be putting your bill in your child’s reading folder rather than handing this to you upon collection of your child. Please don’t forget to check the reading folder (staff at the club will remind you when its been added to the folder), and prompt payment is really appreciated.

Please email Linda Pullan, Senior Play Leader at with questions or to cancel places. 

On behalf of The Roundablout Committee.