Notice to members. We understand that some of the decisions we’ve had to make will inconvenience some families but unfortunately our hands are tied with Government restrictions and availability of additional space in the school. We will constantly review the regulations and make changes to when its possible. But currently and for the foreseeable future these are the current situations.

Morning places :

Children must be kept to within their year group “bubble” and also any rooms we use need to be cleaned before school use. So it will not be possible to open Roundabout in the mornings at present.  This will be reviewed frequently once the club is reopened in September.

Afternoon places :

  • Tuesday to Friday – we can use the community room, studio and hall.  Massive thank you to Miss Reay, Governors and cleaning staff for re-arranging their cleaning schedules/hours to allow these areas to be used by Roundabout.
  • We will keep the children in their year bubbles (no more than 15 children per bubble).  One bubble in the community room, one bubble in the studio and 3 bubbles split in the hall.  Dividers will be used to separate areas out in the hall.  Play leaders will be designated to each year group.
  • Monday afternoon – the hall is unavailable for Roundabout to use.  Year 1 class room can be used for year 1 children, plus the community room and the studio. Therefore numbers still need to be limited.  In line with Roundabout policies and procedures, the protocol for allocating places is as follows :
  1. Regular users
  2. Longevity of membership
  3. Siblings already using the club
  4. New members and holiday users who wish to use the club in term time.
  • All children will be able to use the class toilet before being collected by Roundabout Staff and taken to their designated area.  All hands to be cleaned (staff and children) as soon as they enter their designated area, after eating snack, using toilet, sneezing, coughing etc and before leaving the room.  Staff will wear face masks on arrival when preparing the areas (before collecting the children).
  • Each year group to have their own box of toys/games etc.  The designated play leader to sort out their snack.  Play leaders will clean chairs/toys etc when the children leave.
  • Last collection will be earlier than usual at 5.15 pm – this will enable the rooms to be cleaned thoroughly for the next school day.  Also, the designated play leader will stay with their year group until the last child has been collected.
  • To collect, parents are to press the buzzer at the security entrance and wait to be acknowledged by staff member.  Children will leave by the outside door in their allocated space i.e if in hall they will leave via the outside hall door and walk to the gate.  The play leader will then release the outside gate.  All parents are to wait on the plaza, 2 metres apart.  Staff will sign the time when the child leaves the club.

 The above may change if the government advice changes before September – will keep reviewing and keep members informed.  

Please email Linda Pullan, Senior Play Leader at to confirm or cancel places.

On behalf of The Roundabout Committee.