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A co-operative providing out of school and holiday care at Morpeth First School

We’re hiring! — June 8, 2021

We’re hiring!




We are seeking a highly motivated Assistant Playleader to assist the current team in delivering a range of fun and stimulating activities for children after school, aged 4 – 13 years, from September 2021.  Appropriate childcare qualifications are desirable.  First Aid and Child Protection training is desirable.  Weekly hours/days will vary 3.00 – 5.00 pm Monday – Friday, as and when required.  In the event of a position being offered, a DBS check will be requested.

Salary is dependent on qualifications and experience. 

Internal and external candidates will be considered for this post.

Closing date is Friday 2 July 2021.

Email a covering letter and CV to :

Linda Pullan, Senior Playleader

September Update — September 24, 2020

September Update

Members newsletter Sept 2020

October Half Term.
Please note the after careful consideration and discussion with the Committee, it has been agreed that the Club cannot open during October Half Term. We apologise if this causes any members any inconvenience but we are not able to safely adhere to the strict ‘bubbles’ guidance with the number of staff required.

Cancellation Policy.
Please do remember that where possible we need 48 hours notice if you do not require a place at the Club on a particular day or over a period of time. We have a long waiting list for places and we can allocate the spare slot to someone else on the list. If you do not require your place for a set period of time then please get in touch with Linda who can discuss a possible ‘break’ period which can be filled by someone else until the period comes to an end and your place will resume.

Your Roundabout Bill.
To get your Roundabout Club bill to you as safely as possible during the Covid-19 period, we will be putting your bill in your child’s reading folder rather than handing this to you upon collection of your child. Please don’t forget to check the reading folder (staff at the club will remind you when its been added to the folder), and prompt payment is really appreciated.

Please email Linda Pullan, Senior Play Leader at with questions or to cancel places. 

On behalf of The Roundablout Committee.

Welcome back! — September 1, 2020

Welcome back!

We hope you are all well and your children are looking forward to coming back to Roundabout.

There is a link below to our updated COVID policy, which will be reviewed in a month.  A thorough risk assessment has been carried out, which will be reviewed weekly.

  • Class 1 – 4 children will be collected at 3.00 pm by the play leaders (this means that charges will apply from 3pm).
  • Class 5 -10 will be collected at 3.15 pm by the play leaders.
  • Each year group will stay in their own “bubble” and will either use the community room, studio, hall (or class 3 or 4 on a Monday).
  • Children will be taken to the toilet and on arrival at their allocated space will be encouraged to sanitise their hands.  This will be encouraged throughout the session and before they leave to go home.
  • The designated play leader will then hand out snack/drink etc.
  • Each year group will have their own toys/games which will be regularly cleaned.
  • Last collection will be 5.15 pm as previously communicated.

When parent/carer arrives, the child will leave via the exit in their area and go to the outside gate.

If playing outside, children will be kept in their year group bubbles and in separate areas on the MUGA, yard or grassed area.  If playing outside please collect your children from the gate next to the MUGA – staff will sign your children out and record the time.  Please DO NOT enter the yard.

One parent/carer to collect at the outside gate only please.

Press outside buzzer (buzzer will be cleaned frequently) and wait to be acknowledged by member of staff.  DO NOT enter through the gate.  Staff will get your child ready and send out to gate.  Staff will record the time of collection.  Whilst waiting for child, please remember to stay 2 metres away from others.


We will review opening in the mornings. If you do not need places over the coming weeks can you email Linda Pullan  If there are any changes to your registration form ie change of address, telephone number, medical etc please let us know.


If your child has COVID 19 symptoms then please make the club and school aware but do not come into school or the club.

Covid-19 policy

Updated Covid-19 Policy —
Roundabout Covid-19 Risk Assessment — July 27, 2020
September Opening Update —

September Opening Update

Notice to members. We understand that some of the decisions we’ve had to make will inconvenience some families but unfortunately our hands are tied with Government restrictions and availability of additional space in the school. We will constantly review the regulations and make changes to when its possible. But currently and for the foreseeable future these are the current situations.

Morning places :

Children must be kept to within their year group “bubble” and also any rooms we use need to be cleaned before school use. So it will not be possible to open Roundabout in the mornings at present.  This will be reviewed frequently once the club is reopened in September.

Afternoon places :

  • Tuesday to Friday – we can use the community room, studio and hall.  Massive thank you to Miss Reay, Governors and cleaning staff for re-arranging their cleaning schedules/hours to allow these areas to be used by Roundabout.
  • We will keep the children in their year bubbles (no more than 15 children per bubble).  One bubble in the community room, one bubble in the studio and 3 bubbles split in the hall.  Dividers will be used to separate areas out in the hall.  Play leaders will be designated to each year group.
  • Monday afternoon – the hall is unavailable for Roundabout to use.  Year 1 class room can be used for year 1 children, plus the community room and the studio. Therefore numbers still need to be limited.  In line with Roundabout policies and procedures, the protocol for allocating places is as follows :
  1. Regular users
  2. Longevity of membership
  3. Siblings already using the club
  4. New members and holiday users who wish to use the club in term time.
  • All children will be able to use the class toilet before being collected by Roundabout Staff and taken to their designated area.  All hands to be cleaned (staff and children) as soon as they enter their designated area, after eating snack, using toilet, sneezing, coughing etc and before leaving the room.  Staff will wear face masks on arrival when preparing the areas (before collecting the children).
  • Each year group to have their own box of toys/games etc.  The designated play leader to sort out their snack.  Play leaders will clean chairs/toys etc when the children leave.
  • Last collection will be earlier than usual at 5.15 pm – this will enable the rooms to be cleaned thoroughly for the next school day.  Also, the designated play leader will stay with their year group until the last child has been collected.
  • To collect, parents are to press the buzzer at the security entrance and wait to be acknowledged by staff member.  Children will leave by the outside door in their allocated space i.e if in hall they will leave via the outside hall door and walk to the gate.  The play leader will then release the outside gate.  All parents are to wait on the plaza, 2 metres apart.  Staff will sign the time when the child leaves the club.

 The above may change if the government advice changes before September – will keep reviewing and keep members informed.  

Please email Linda Pullan, Senior Play Leader at to confirm or cancel places.

On behalf of The Roundabout Committee.



Well, the decision from The Government has come a little sooner than expected, but its now official – schools in England are closing after Friday this week. The news post from the BBC is below. This therefore also means that The Roundabout Club will also close after Friday until further notice.

Coronavirus: UK schools to close to prevent virus spread

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that schools in the UK will close by this Friday to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

Schools will close except for looking after the children of keyworkers and vulnerable children.

Exams will not go ahead, education secretary Gavin Williamson has said.


We will not be open for children of keyworkers or vulnerable children.

We wish everyone who uses and works at The Club the very best of health.

Best wishes & keep safe
The Roundabout Committee



The committee met this week to discuss the impact of a forced closure and we wanted to share the outcome with you. We will endeavour to remain open whilst Morpeth First School is open as as long as we have the safe level of staff available to look after the children.

However, if the school does close or if the government change their advice and ask providers to close then that directly affects Roundabout and we will also be closed until further notice.

We may need to review staying open if we no longer have enough staff due to illness or self-isolation. If this happens we will advise you ASAP.

Whatever the advice on forced closures, Roundabout will not be open the first week of Easter or May half term as planned. If we are not forced to be closed then we plan to open the 2nd week of the Easter holidays. We will keep you informed.

Lastly, please be assured that we are following the very latest guidelines from the government on hygiene and staff illness and isolation. We are following the same protocols as the school with regards to hand washing and using antibacterial gel regularly.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions. The committee are communicating daily to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest guidance and to ensure that we are looking after our staff and children’s welfare to the best of our ability.

Please do stay safe during these difficult times.

Best wishes
The Roundabout Committee

Updated Holiday Dates for 2020 — January 7, 2020
Looking back at summer at The Roundabout Club — November 11, 2019

Looking back at summer at The Roundabout Club

This summer we did lots of activities at The Roundabout Club. These included;

A walk to the park at Kirkhill, a water fight, a visit to Morpeth market, time on the tennis courts to learn new sports, a picnic in the Millennium Gardens and craft activities in the club.

At the park we played on the swings and roundabout. we also used the climbing frames and zip slide!

The water fight was great fun. Everyone joined in – even the staff!

At the market we tried some of the food on sale and bought some snacks for later on. We looked at all the stalls and even tried out the dog beds to see if they were comfortable.

We walked to Morpeth tennis courts where we tried out different sports; football, tennis, hockey, golf. We even blew bubbles to chase around!

In the Millennium Garden we saw a Painted Lady butterfly and a bee. There were lots of flowers to look at and information boards telling us about the garden. We had a picnic here and found a book which was read to us by one of the Roundabout children.

On the day’s we didn’t go out on trips there were activities to do in the Roundabout room or free play with any of the toys and games. Some of us chose to make shoe box aquariums and feely bags. We also had the chance to ice some biscuits.